Blog Tour | Foreverland by Nicole C. Kear

Margaret’s life has been flipped upside down. Her best friend is becoming so distant. Her family is falling apart and she doesn’t know how to handle this situation. In her mind her only option is to run away. So she does just that. The place she runs away to? Foreverland Amusement Park. I mean who wouldn’t want to spend a night at an amusement park?

Blog Tour Review | Mosaic by Chris Aslan Review

MOSAIC by CHRIS ASLAN is the story of a young girl's journey from the highest village on the side of the Many Peaked Mountain to life as a merchant in Damascus. It is also the story of her spiritual journey, from being not very religious to earnestly follow Yeshua, the Teacher, after she witnesses miracles, and also after she herself is delivered from unforgiveness and hatred. I enjoyed reading about village life in the snow-clad mountains about a Great Lake and Blood City. 

Book Tour | Healers Secrets of the Academy

Title: Healers: Secrets of the Academy Author: L L SmithPages: 273Synopsis:The students of SalVaneerie Academy face a gruesome end at the hands of Shadow Knights! This army of mysterious and hollow Knights close in from the Dark Forest surrounding their campus. Healers, Warriors, and Brains; Must band together to repel these Shadow Knights and uncover … Continue reading Book Tour | Healers Secrets of the Academy