Blog Tour Review | As Good As Dead by Holly Jackson

Title: As Good As Dead (A Good Girl’s Guide to Murder #3)
Holly Jackson
Pages: 464
Buy Link:
Rating: ★★★★★


The highly anticipated, edge-of-your-seat conclusion to the addictive A Good Girl’s Guide to Murder series that reads like your favorite true crime podcast or show. By the end, you’ll never think the same of good girls again.

Pip’s good girl days are long behind her. After solving two murder cases and garnering internet fame from her crime podcast, she’s seen a lot.

But she’s still blindsided when it starts to feel like someone is watching her. It’s small things at first. A USB stick with footage recording her and the same anonymous source always asking her: who will look for you when you’re the one who disappears? It could be a harmless fan, but her gut is telling her danger is lurking.

When Pip starts to find connections between her possible stalker and a local serial killer, Pip knows that there is only one choice: find the person threatening her town including herself–or be as good as dead. Because maybe someone has been watching her all along…


“Warning: This book contains violence, mental health struggles, death scenes and depictions of substance abuse.”

It is incredibly rare for me to enjoy the last book in a trilogy. I could even say that I am notorious for hating them, but this book is phenomenal and whilst some readers didn’t enjoy the darker aspects of Pip’s journey, I relished in it.

This time around we follow Pip, who investigates a new case. Struggling with anxiety and PTSD from the two previous cases she was involved in, it is hard to watch as Pip finds out that her newest case is all about her. She has a stalker and the police don’t believe her. So once again, Pip must take matters into her own hands and, with the help of her trusty boyfriend Ravi, she begins to unravel the many mysteries surrounding the case.

I found that the struggles Pip experienced made the story more realistic. Her PTSD, anxiety, sleeping problems and even the usage of pills were all things that I could see happening to someone in her position. I felt for her and whilst it hurt me to see her struggle; it was definitely important to mention. I also found that the author’s writing style was perfect for explaining such deep and important issues.

Honestly, I am quite glad that these topics are mentioned and discussed in ways that are easy to comprehend. It’s something that the first two books aren’t heavily centred on and I think that it helped establish how far Pip has come on her journey and how all the things she has experienced have left their mark on her life.

The relationships and characters are also amazing. Pip’s family, Ravi and even some of the minor characters are easy to fall in love with. Ravi might be my favourite character in the entire series. He’s sarcastic, kind and supportive and he’s perfect for Pip. I adored reading about them and all the things they went through.

Now this book may tear out your heartstrings and destroy your sanity but I think that it is WORTH IT! If you enjoy murder mystery then get on this series and binge it because I am almost certain that you will enjoy these characters just as much as I did.

This review was done on a work of fiction, In no way does the reviewer condone any actions that may have taken place in the book.”

About the Author

Holly Jackson (Author of A Good Girl's Guide to Murder)

Holly Jackson started writing stories at a young age, completing her first (poor) attempt at a novel when she was fifteen. She graduated from the University of Nottingham, where she studied literary linguistics and creative writing, with a master’s degree in English. She enjoys playing video games and watching true crime documentaries so she can pretend to be a detective. She lives in London. A Good Girl’s Guide to Murder is her debut novel.

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