Book Tour | Healers Secrets of the Academy

Title: Healers: Secrets of the Academy Author: L L SmithPages: 273Synopsis:The students of SalVaneerie Academy face a gruesome end at the hands of Shadow Knights! This army of mysterious and hollow Knights close in from the Dark Forest surrounding their campus. Healers, Warriors, and Brains; Must band together to repel these Shadow Knights and uncover … Continue reading Book Tour | Healers Secrets of the Academy

It’s Monday, what are you reading?

Hello again! I hope you didn't miss me too much! Welcome to the first Monday of March! It's crazy how time flies. I remember typing the first post of February like it was days ago. As you may have noticed, I have been taking short breaks this week, trying to catch up with homework, because online school is a struggle and I haven't really grasped what I'm supposed to be doing yet but it's coming along okay for now.