The Piano Playlist | Book Tag

Hey everyone! Today is Thursday, which means it’s apparently tag day! Thank you, Ashlee, at BooksAre42, for tagging me to do the Piano Playlist Tag! If you haven’t checked out Ashlee’s blog, you need to because it’s fantastic and SO PRETTY. This tag was originally created by Moi at Bookish Blunders!

Books From the Backlog

Hello all! A few days ago I announced on Twitter and Instagram that I'll start doing these posts weekly or bi-weekly. With my school schedule and the amount of work I have now that I'm doing classes online I don't know if I'll be able to keep up and type these every week but I will try my best to get out at least two every month. Book reviews will still be going out every week and they'll either be coming from my NetGalley shelf, from my bookshelf or from authors who's reviews I've accepted.