Book Review | The Girl with The Whispering Shadow by D.E. Night

The Girl with the Whispering Shadow (The Crowns of Croswald, #2)

Title: The Girl with The Whispering Shadow
Author: D.E. Night
Pages: 384

Synopsis: Even a secret town cannot protect Ivy from a mysterious darkness…

Only hours after Ivy Lovely discovers that she is the fulfillment of the Moonsday promise, she is whisked away from her beloved school to Belzebuthe, a secret town for only those with magical blood.

Ivy sets out on a mission to uncover the second facet of the Kindred Stone while eluding the Dark Queen’s wrath. But even when she’s supposed to be safe, something is shadowing Ivy. She will need all her natural-born magic and more as she battles to find the rest of the Kindred Stone and return to the Halls of Ivy.

Before it’s too late… 

Review: Thank you so much to Stories Untold for providing me with a copy of The Girl With the Whispering Shadow, in exchange for an honest review!

Please note The Girl With the Whispering Shadow is book 2 in the Crowns of Croswald series, so there may be spoilers for book 1, The Crowns of Croswald in my review

After the Dark Queen’s attack at the school ball, Ivy is sent to Belzebuthe, a secret town for those who have magical blood. Belzebuthe is the only place where Ivy is safe from the Dark Queen’s reach, but that doesn’t stop Ivy from setting out on a mission of her own: she must find the missing pieces of the Kindred Stone and embrace her own magic if she is to have a chance at fulfilling the Moonsday promise and defeating the Dark Queen. Ivy is not alone in her adventure. She can count on the help of her shapeshifting friend Rebecca and Fyn, the boy she is falling in love with, as well as other friends she meets in Belzebuthe.

Ivy begins to embrace her magic and her destiny, which is to collect the missing pieces of the Kindred Stone and defeat the Dark Queen.

The world-building and magic system, which I enjoyed in the first book, continue to shine and build in this book. Although there were still some spots that read slow to me, there was an improvement in the pacing from the last book as well.

The beginning briefly confused me but was quickly forgotten as I delved deeper into Belzebuthe’s magical winter wonderland and its mystical matellers and scrivenist’s. I swooned at the flights of romance filled with enchanted stargazing and was wonderstruck by ‘Quintons Brews and Hodgepodge’ – antiquated apothecary of potions and creatures. Hodge and Podge (both dwarves) are my new favourite characters with their sharp wit and sassy brotherly relationship, their magical battle made me laugh out loud! The fiercely entertaining quogo matches had me enraptured, especially by the ghostly visions and daring spells. I enjoyed that we got to learn more in depth about Ivy and the Quality Quill’s Club members and their differing relationships with each other and the magical world outside of Croswald.

All in all, I genuinely enjoyed this sequel. You know how sometimes the first book is the best and every book that follows pales in comparison? I am thrilled to say that that is not the case here! Night’s craft is more finely honed and the effort clearly shows in the pages of this book. So, if you want a potion war between feuding dwarves, an inevitable swan, and, yes, even more evil unicorns, I’d say you came to the right place.

While I admit that there are a few points that could perhaps benefit with tweaking, there are others that would no doubt think I am being fussy. I can say that the world is full of action, loveable characters and a well thought out magical format that will appeal to many creative minds. If you’ve not already done so, The Crowns of Croswald is definitely worth checking out.

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