Book Review | Rangers of the Rift

Title: Rangers of the Rift Season 1
Author: River K Scott
March 22,Guard Tree Publishing LLC, 2020
Pages: 514 


I didn’t choose this life. But I sure as hell choose who I fight for.

For fans of The Mortal Instruments, Ninth House, and Slayer comes an unputdownable contemporary fantasy, the first book in an epic, three-season series, about a world threatened by forgotten magic and a girl forged by dark power; her memories hold the key to not only her own survival, but the fate of all the living and the dead.

Emily Mars has one duty: ferry lost souls trapped in purgatory to whatever lies beyond. If that means falling behind at school, loving a boy she can’t have, and watching friends go to college while she stays behind, then so be it.

Because being a Ranger also means that when all hell breaks loose—like actual hell, actually coming through, with demons and ghosts and everything creepy—it’s her job to stop it.

But the shatter hits without warning, releasing fire and fiend. And with the shatter comes a curse and a kidnapping, and soon Emily must harness all her strength, risk everything she holds dear and break every oath, to save the boy she loves.

⚠ Reader warning: “If you aren’t into darker urban fantasy, you may want to sit this one out.”
⚠ Trigger warning: Horror elements, school shooting, violence, profanity, suicide, smoking, LGBTQ issues, atheism, death.

My review:

It’s the perfect mix between supernatural, romance, and young-adult fantasy. It’s an adventure, a thriller, and touching in many ways. The readers get to experience the relationship between Em and Tad, complicated as it may be. In the beginning, it’s difficult to understand the full concept of the Limen and Praeses, etc. But once you keep on reading, as the author dives into the back story little by little it is much easier to understand.

There is more explanation given pertaining to what they are doing, and why. The authors explains why Emily has to be a Ranger, and what a big impact her work is making to the world. Many events take place like the school shooting, which makes this book truly unputdownable because you want to know who survives, and if anyone doesn’t. I was consumed by the book for a few days and read it cover to cover. It is one of those great adventure/mystical stories that is extremely difficult to put down. It has so many different emotions flowing through the book, and keeps you on your toes the entire time. I had such a great time reading it, and have shared it with others in the family who like YA fantasy as well. They’re hooked too! If you’re looking for an escape into a different world, I’d highly recommend. I absolutely loved this and cannot wait to find out what adventure awaits in Season 2.

This book was sent to me by the author in exchange for an honest review.

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